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Wikipedia Pages Dramatized by Socks

Every evening, after a light meal, a shower and a toothbrush, it is the time for Grandson-Sock to go to bed. But it’s also the hardest time of Grandpa-Sock’s day when he finds himself forced to read his Grandson a story before going to sleep. Grandpa-Sock loves facts, history and has no patience for childish and infantile stories. So, he takes his smartphone and searches Wikipedia for real pages that can enrich his grandson's knowledge, but not necessarily interest him. Ignoring his Grandson wishes, Grandpa-Sock reads him the page which rapidly receives a dramatized version by variety of sock puppets. It’s the same world as ours with a small difference, everyone are socks. Grandpa-Sock is supposedly an objective with an historical point of view, which often flows into the personal place.